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The $3 + orange pepper September 8, 2009

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Do you see the orange pepper on the top left?  Isn’t it beautiful?  It also tasted very good.  This is the only fruit our orange pepper plant has produced, and considering the cost of the plant and the dirt, I judge this treat to cost about $3.  It doesn’t look like this plant will be making many more peppers.  But to those who say that backyard gardening can save you money, that may not always be true!  Now, I’m not upset about it…I’ve actually learned from my gardening experiences this summer and plan to do several things differently next season.

So far, we’ve had several good carrots, cherry tomatoes, and 3-4 early girl tomatoes.  We had about 3 cucumbers, 3 green peppers, and several nasturtium flowers.  Overall, I still am aspiring to be like my mother-in-love Rose, who has built up this beautiful garden.

Granted, there are several weeks left in the growing season, and I’ve purchased some lettuce plantlings for the fall, since they actually did very well in the spring.  I’m wondering if I should plant this lettuce in the raised bed (containing Mel’s Mix) or put it in pots so that I can bring them indoors when needed.  If I use the pots, I’ll have to buy garden soil to put in it.  Or I suppose I could still use the raised bed but just mix in some better soil.  Hmmm???????????


2 Responses to “The $3 + orange pepper”

  1. Nana Says:

    Hello Stacy, thanks for the link to my garden picture. Paul says it will be about seven weeks til frost and the lettuce would probably do well outside. Be prepared to cover them if there is a frost warning, uncovering as soon as the sun comes up so they do not over heat. I keep emply plastic milk cartons with their tops removed to cover plants. Your pepper looks lushious. yum. You have inspired me to plant fall lettuce. We are still harveting tomatoes, okra and peppers. My third crop of beans are growing taller everyday , still not ready to pick. My hummingbirds are still entertaining us at breakfast time. Love you three….
    oh ps, W has had her picture entered into the fair!!!!

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Each garden, year after year will continue to get better and better. You will learn something new each year about plants, yourself, dealing with animals and weather. You are doing a great job.

    If you have the space, try and start a compose bin or pile and that will add greatly to your garden’s soil. Put those veggies back to work for you.

    Don’t get discouraged, this summer was a hard summer on tomatoes and peppers due to the coolness and second blight. Your crops look great though! I love nasturiums!

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