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Grassy Girl September 23, 2009

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Just chillin outside in the grass.  I guess it doesn’t bother her as much as it does me.  I was so itchy when I came back inside.  And in case you wonder about all those blog entries about entering contests, just to let you know, I’m doing that as part of the entry process for winning.  I don’t mean to pressure anyone into entering a contest to win diaper stuff.  I just really want to win these particular items because they are so expensive otherwise.  So you can choose to ignore those if you want.  I really don’t want to make my blog an advertisement site.  But I do want to win things.:-)

Here’s a picture from when I got to visit my friend Carol from high school, who is 6-7 months pregnant and has a 20 month old son Soren.  They came to town with her sister Stacy for their grandma’s 95th birthday.  I haven’t seen Carol since Melinda’s wedding in 2004.  Carol, Melinda, and I were the Three Musketeers in high school.  We are all spread out around the country, now.   Wendy and Soren had a good time together!




3 Responses to “Grassy Girl”

  1. Jill Says:

    I like the new grassy pics! Your visit with Carol looks like it was fun! Glad you guys got to see each other!

  2. Nana Says:

    Paul and I love the pictures.

  3. Peter Says:

    You may have a grassy girl, but do you have a gassy boy? I do! As always, I love the photos of the lil’ munchkin (who isn’t so little anymore).

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