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More Wool, Please September 23, 2009

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Wendy seems to have ultra-sensitive skin.  She’s battled rashes most of her life, even though we’ve cloth diapered her.  I’ve been noticing lately that she seems to get more rashy when she’s wearing synthetic materials like fleece, suedecloth, microfiber, or is wearing a cover that is waterproof (PUL).  She seems to get relief after wearing natural fibers like cotton with a wool cover.  Wool is really cool.  If I had to do it again, I would diaper with only cotton and wool (or fleece).  (I know fleece may not be natural, but it acts like wool, in that it allows airflow to the skin).

Like I was saying, Wool is Cool.  You might be thinking of your hot itchy winter sweaters, but wool for diaper covers is untreated, so not itchy.  It is not as hot as you might think.  For example, would you rather wear a wet bathing suit with a wool sweater over top, or a plastic bag?  I think wool.  It absorbs up to 30% of it’s weight in moisture, allows airflow, and so much more.  Go to this post “Wool? Seriously?” on to read all about why Wool is Cool.

I’m entering this contest to win a wool wrap from CYA Wool Wraps from  The neat thing about this company is that she can also take one of your old sweaters and turn it into a wool wrap for you.  I personally would just want one of the cashmere ones she makes, but recycling is good, too.  Here’s the entry link. Good luck.


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