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Birthday Kids October 28, 2009

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100_3174Zach: November 6

Wendy: Oct. 22

Mom: October 11

Megan: November 6

Mike: October 20

birthdayboysAndrew: October 30

Sam: September 14

(Zach: November 6)

(Wendy: October 22)

I’m pretty sure I got everyone’s dates correct.  If I didn’t, PLEASE tell me, and I’ll correct it.  I don’t want to be a bad relative!


One Response to “Birthday Kids”

  1. Carol Says:

    I guess fall ’tis the time for b-days 🙂 My dad’s is also Nov 6. I saw some more pictures from Wendy’s birthday on Jill’s blog and it looks like you had a great time with family. Is it hard to believe your little baby is one (and not such a little baby anymore)? Happy belated birthday Wendy! Soren sends a kiss your way.

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