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Wendy’s new words November 14, 2009

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We’ve known for a while that her first word was “Teddy.”  Then came “Daddy.”  Now every animal is a Teddy, and it’s hard to distinguish between Teddy and Daddy.  She also says “Hi!!” very readily.  To anyone.

Recently, she’s added “Shoe,” which sounds a lot like “Shee-ooo.”  She sits in our closet in the mornings and tries to put on all our shoes…already shoe obsessed and at such a young age!  And she says something that sounds a lot like “Oh Sh*t,” which she was repeating over and over again in Marshalls yesterday.  How do I explain that one?  I can’t prove that I don’t go around all day muttering that to myself…I hope those sounds eventually turn into some more pleasant real words really soon.

Zach discovered that she can identify and say “nanananana” when presented with a banana or picture of one.  So that’s pretty cool!  Her vocabulary is starting, and I’d like to supplement it with baby sign, but I’m going to have to search the recesses of my mommy brain for the signs I learned in high school  Or, I could just find them on the internet:-)


100_3235That’s me (I mean, the unidentified backyard monster) modeling the reflective ankle straps I made for Zach for when he runs at night.


3 Responses to “Wendy’s new words”

  1. zach Says:

    I would like to point out that I also do not walk around the house saying “Oh Sh*t.”


  2. gma Says:

    If you hold up a picture of Rose with the bananna, she may say Nanaa

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