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Ok. January 29, 2010

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I haven’t been motivated to update my blog until I started reading Melinda’s blog, and now I feel like I should!  She does such a good job of keeping us all up to speed.  Thanks, Melinda!

I won’t even try to update from the last month and a half.  I’ll just try to post some pictures.

However, I will say that I finally joined the church choir last night.   have wanted to do this since last spring, but the time wasn’t right…7:30 practice time was right at Wendy’s bedtime, and things were pretty crazy.   Not to say they aren’t crazy now, but, I am so glad I’m doing this for myself.  It’s an awesome way for me to worship, I think it will be a great support group, and they sing some really nice music…not just “churchy” “cheesy” music.  They may not be the best singers, but the director treats everyone like musicians, so I think it makes everyone aspire to be better.

Here comes the randomness:

Oh wow, I can’t believe this worked. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put video in my wordpress blog for a long time, and I thought I’d have to buy some upgrade from wordpress. So now, beware. I may just post a bunch of videos. Here’s another one. Of Wendy. She is really busy, toddling around and talking all the time.

She insisted on wearing her halloween costume –

We thought crayons were a good idea until she started coloring herself:-)

These are the shoes we got for Wendy with the Christmas money from ggma and ggpa.  They are too big yet, but she is still obsessed with them.  Thanks, ggma and ggpa!

There i am.

Sorry I am not any better at taking good photos.  I just thought this one was funny.  Thanks for sticking through this random blog.  I promise I’ll do better at updating and being more coherent in my updates.  I also will post evidence of my seriously in-shape husband, maybe on the next blog.  And maybe some of the forgotten family member, Teddy.   Don’t worry, he’s still a part of our little clan…just a little less paid attention to.  Ok.  Must go retrieve the waking pumpkin…