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As promised… February 6, 2010

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These pictures accomplish 2 things: Showing the “before the snowstorm” backyard” and showing my “seriously in-shape husband” who decided to go for a run before the snowstorm hit and put a halt to running activities.  He’s a little bummed that the 4-miler is canceled for tomorrow, but it’s rescheduled to Feb. 14.

That was yesterday, right before the snow started to fall.  Later last night, it turned to sleet.  Now it’s back to snow again.  And still going as on 2:15  2/6.

W’s book of choice today while changing out of wet clothes? The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  !


2 Responses to “As promised…”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Hooray for snow pictures! Teddy cracked me up racing around like that. Maggie gets the same way…I guess snow can bring out the youngster in all of us. Hope you stay warm and cozy!

  2. Nana Says:

    Teddy looks like he enjoys the snow, great little movie. Wendy is a cute little model!

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