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Our Williamsburg Weekend July 19, 2010

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We visited Williamsburg, where my dad spends the weekdays for work over the 4th of July weekend.  We were so excited to get to see Mom, Dad, Jill, Scott, Ethan, Caleb, Megan, and Mike!  We were all in one house and we all seemed to fit somehow.  Wendy had her little toddler mattress set up in my dad’s walk-in closet.  Ethan and Caleb were in a little tent in Jill and Scott’s room (my dad’s room), Megan and Mike got the guest room, Zach and I and Teddy were in the computer room on the futon, and my mom and dad were on the floor in the living room (they insisted).  I wish I had pictures of all of this!  The cousins got along great together and Wendy wanted to do everything the boys were doing.  We went to the pool every day and Wendy was quite the little fish!  Jill’s blog has a lot of pictures to make up for the lack on mine.  We were also able to go to downtown Williamsburg to see the fireworks.  Wendy loved it.  She kept saying “Boom!” and “Big Boom!”

What is wrong with me?  I guess I didn’t take any pictures of this vacation.  Please go to Jill’s blog, to see some of the highlights.  I feel awful about that.  On a related note, I had a meltdown the other night because I felt I hadn’t done enough to document Wendy’s life as an only child before the next baby comes.  I had started a baby book several times, both a hand-held one, and a shutterfly one, but my efforts were halted and I never finished either of them.  I wish I had a better system for pictures.  I want Wendy to be able to pull a book off the shelf and say, “that was me with ____ when I was 1” or 2 or whatever.  Or “that was the time we went to ______”  Anyway, after that, I buckled down and finished the shutterfly album and it is on its way to my house now.  I hope it turns out well.  The thing I dislike about the whole digital camera world is that you can take a million pictures and then you have to sort through them all…you have to choose.  If you had a mechanical one, you don’t get to preview your pictures, and the only way to see them is to get them developed.  Then you have something to hold and arrange in an album however you choose.  Maybe this shutterfly thing will work and I’ll end up doing more of them.

I will leave you with a picture of me at 17 weeks:

and one of me with Wendy in my new (to me) Beco Butterfly carrier that I plan to use with the new baby.  I can tell it is a high quality carrier and will come in very handy when I have 2 little ones to tend to.  It is really comfortable, even with a 25 pound toddler on my front.  It does really well as a backpack, too.


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