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Projects, projects August 10, 2010

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As I was laying in bed last night, I thought about all the projects that have been accomplished at our house over the summer.  What started out as simply (ha!) building a deck off the back stairs of our house turned into several other projects.  My brother-in-law Mike has been really fantastic at building the deck.  His expertise and skills are really something.   I am absolutely amazed at everything.  I have had very little to do with the manual labor part of these projects, and I am in awe of the hard work put in by everyone who has helped/done these projects.  We don’t have enough money to pay everyone what they are worth…we can only offer Wendy’s cuteness and air conditioning.  (After all, it has been in the upper 90s-low100s on workdays.)  So here goes some pictures of our projects:

Zach replaced the old rusty non-closing door to the garage.

Zach, my mom and dad, and partly me dug the bed for the path to the deck stairs.

Zach and my dad installed a gutter on the side of the garage.

We bought a wrought iron table/chair set and set them up.

After extensive research by zach, we finally bought a weber spirit e-210 grill

Zach and his dad built a slide-across gate for the deck so I could have Teddy and Wendy out there in an enclosed space.

Teddy and Wendy on deck enjoying their space.

Zach and his dad battled black widows to replace the old rickety stairs to the front door with these beautiful, sturdy, even stairs.

We (Mike, Megan, my mom and dad, zach and I, pulled out the 50-yr old mangly bushes in front of the house, mulched, and planted newer, manageable, colorful plants.


I almost forgot. Zach’s mom powerwashed the front of the house and I did the sidewalk.  Also, we paid to have someone fix our outside faucets, which, because of neglect when the house was unoccupied, had burst and leaked when turned on.  So that’s good.

And we are not done yet.  This weekend we plan to lay down gravel, sand, and pavers to create a non-muddy pathway to the deck stairs.  We also plan to put lattice around the edge of the deck to keep out the critters and Teddy.

Wendy is going to hate me for this one day...this is after her bath a few nights ago.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, we went in for my 20 week ultrasound last Friday and found out we’re having a girl!  Of course we would have been excited either way, but I’m glad Wendy will have a baby sister and baby sister will have a Wendy!