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Getting ready for baby September 29, 2010

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting more and more ready for the new baby.  My parents came here and worked all of last weekend getting furniture moved and put together.  Now, it is my job during naptime and times when Wendy is cooperating to get the baby’s room set up with clothes and accessories and decorations.  I loaned my newborn diapers to a friend in Florida and just received them back, so I’ve been busy organizing and taking stock of what I have and what I want to use for the new baby.  Of course, I still enter contests to win free diapers, and one from Bummis is offering one of their new Easy Fits.  So, to do that, I’m posting a picture of Wendy in one of their products, the Super Whisper Wrap.

Wendy in her Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and Teddy looking out the window in Baby Sister's room.

Of course, I forgot to mention that she isn’t wearing diapers except for during naps and nighttime.  So for this picture, she is just modeling a size small with no actual diaper underneath.  It’s the only Bummi’s product (a requirement for the contest) we have that had the chance of fitting her at almost-two.  She is pretty good at telling us when she has to go, which I think is pretty cool.  I just have to be really diligent about knowing where bathrooms are in stores and making sure she doesn’t drink too much if we’re going out of the house.

Zach and I have moved upstairs to the room with the bathroom, Wendy is still upstairs in her bedroom, and baby sister’s room is downstairs behind the kitchen.  I plan to use it mostly for naps and diaper changes during the day and at nights she will be in our room upstairs for the first several months.  Eventually, I’d like for the girls to share a room upstairs so the baby isn’t all alone downstairs.  Maybe that’s not as big a deal as what I think…I guess we won’t know until she arrives and shows us her personality.

Our guest room is downstairs behind the living room along with craft stuff and hopefully we’ll move the computer in there eventually.